Reassign is a business solutions company. We are knowledgeable of the markets in which we operate and we employ well-credentialed individuals to carry out our work.

We strive to continuously improve our skill-sets and we monitor commercial trends as well as trends in sales and supply in order to bring the most cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Reassign endeavours to provide the highest level of services to the business community. Our people are all experienced business professionals who are trained and qualified to deal with clients proficiently and competently.

Reassign is a completely independent entity. We act only in the best interests of our clients with no allegiance or obligation to any third party. We are absolutely objective and impartial in our relationship with all suppliers. In performing our work, we neither solicit nor do we accept gifts or favours from suppliers or potential suppliers. Where Reassign is engaged to introduce a third party solution or service, our client is made aware of any associated fee.

Reassign does not misrepresent the facts nor do we exaggerate the benefits or outcomes of our work.

All spoken, written and electronic information that passes between Reassign, its clients and potential suppliers is deemed confidential. We do not copy, share or pass on information without express permission. Details of meetings are used only to pursue our clients’ best interests.

Reassign will be accountable for its actions and work diligently to deliver its undertakings to clients. Feedback will be actioned promptly and, if negative, resolved along acceptable commercial lines.