Reassign Clients

Hope you like the quote on the top left.  Notice how it’s not about solutions or relationships or, perish the thought, products – it’s not even about perception.

The key word here is known. How a business is known to its customers colours everything.  If yours is a company that delivers, more often than not in excess of expectations, one that improves by example, identifies and qualifies new opportunities to help a client without having to, keeps its word, doesn’t fear rejection.  If your company is one that exists for the client, you will be known as a desirable partner and your success will be inevitable, because your clients benefit you us as much as you benefit them.

Reassign works hard to get great customers and keep them.  We are very pleased to report that our influence is felt in organisations across nearly all commercial and non-commercial sectors; Corporate, Public, Private, Government, Non Profit, NGO, Health, Education, Professional Services and others.

The learnings we gain from our work with clients go straight into our toolbox.  A common Reassign conversation is one where we detangle a present day problem by introducing some current thinking, adding an idea from a past project for perspective, and applying it today.  We have plenty of examples; names, projects, results sheets, findings, outcomes and process improvement scenarios that we can demonstrate for you and talk to.

If you like we’ll take you through the ones that apply most to you.  Contact us to hear how we would approach your issues.  You are the most important thing in commerce – a potential client.  We’d be happy to speak to you whatever the context…