About Us

About UsReassign is not in a unique position to deliver anything.

We are, however, in a strong position (stronger than most) to apply our experience and expertise in the fields of Procurement and Sales to create material change and deliver sustainable improvements.

The thing that differentiates us, is that we are not a feature-centric business leaving you to decide what the intrinsic benefits of our services are.

The many advantages we offer, such as;

  • Reducing the Cost of all Contestable Goods and Services
  • Improving Service and/or Quality
  • Enhancing Category Management
  • Increasing the Understanding of the Accounts Payable Exposure
  • Improving People Productivity

…help our clients realise a simple and often understated benefit;  Our work improves those things that are important to you as an individual and to your company as a whole.

We recognise this because our outcomes have repeatedly delivered;

  • Increased Profitability
  • Lower Base Line Costs
  • The Opportunity for Promotion
  • The Ability for our Clients to Spend More Time with Friends and Family
  • A Better Work – Life Balance
  • More Efficient Working Environments
  • Faster Achievement of Budgetary and Target Goals and Bonuses

By helping to;

  • Reduce FTE costs by identifying and re-deploying underutilised staff
  • Improve processes or remove redundant ones
  • Recognise and redress ‘un-commercial’ behaviour among staff and management
  • Re-focus attention towards profitable behaviours and practices
  • Enliven the ‘instinct’ for profit in those dealing in organisational funds and assets
  • Make people better communicators and negotiators

So Reassign is a firm of people delivering high-demand business services in the Procurement and Sales spaces for the improvement of profit and lifestyle.

Contact us to hear how we would approach your challenges.