StrategyA Sales Strategy to Address the Client’s Needs.

Most businesses have a strategy built around the selling of products and/or services rather than the needs of the buyer. Take a look at your current strategy. Is it actually addressing the problems faced by the buyer?

If your sales strategy is based on:

  • Goods & Services
  • People and Culture
  • Geography
  • Market Segmentation..   et al

STOP.    You need to flip your strategy !

Direct your sales strategy towards the buyer, not your own organisation – and work backwards from there. The buyer’s needs should be the fulcrum that balances your company’s proposition and the value ultimately realised by the client.

This question should be asked…   “Can I deliver growth and profitability by ignoring the client’s real needs?”

In our settled opinion, the focus of many buying organisations has been to commoditise the process and, where possible, the product or service. Assuming this doesn’t suit your business, your sales strategy should mobilise the intention to meet and exceed client needs within your capabilities. All other discussions are irrelevant or at best, superfluous.

Intelligent, informed sales strategy is the most underdone boardroom conversation in modern commerce. That a real sales discussion even belongs in the boardroom is evidently a matter of contention among business leaders. If eminently qualified sales professionals (yes they exist!) were involved end-to-end in sales strategy debates, commerce would be much the better for it.

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