Sales Planning

PlanningSales planning usually focuses on the immediate priorities of sales management;

  • Team
  • Budgets, Targets, Quotas
  • Territory
  • Remuneration
  • Incentives
  • CRM

Being so self-referral fails to address the market that a business is operating in. It also does little to establish a clear and determined view of what is being sold and, most importantly, who it is being sold to. Reassign provides services that ensure the focus is correctly aligned to the ‘who’. Our intervention provides a close and determined look at the strategy and execution of;

  • Audience
  • Sales Approach
  • Insights
  • Education
  • Documentation
  • Resourcing

In our settled opinion sales efforts, even those regarded as sophisticated, are generally deficient in several critical areas. Sales is an occupation where being almost successful is a clear and definite failure. Sales targets are never reached when business is nearly won or comes a close second. The seller can do 95% of a good job and lose most of the work they bid for. It’s the relative importance of the 5% they didn’t do that tips the buyer’s scales in favour of the opposition.

Reassign enhances the opportunity for success by delivering a smarter, more focused sales effort built around meeting client needs – one in which achieving quotas and sales targets becomes consequential.

If you are interested in pursuing ways to improve sales effectiveness among groups or individuals, peruse the following links or contact us to hear how we can help.