Sell Side

Sell SideReassign has taken terms generally associated with Wall Street financial markets and brought it into business to describe the yin and yang of commerce – the Buy Side and the Sell Side.

The purpose of this is to generate wider discussion of those representative of business that are not part of the direct sales team and include efforts associated with sales by the wider business i.e. operations, warehousing, legal services, senior executives and even the businesses own procurement team.

These business units, when called on during the RFx process, ‘x’ being any form of the process such as Request for Information/Proposal/Tender/Interest, all have the responsibility to contribute to the overall opportunity for success.

The Sell Side cannot be the sales team alone. There is no place for negative, non-sales sentiment, reducing the message back to the client. The Sell Side should be driven through the Business Development Manager, Account Manager or any other aspect of the Sales team designated to be the face or representative of the negotiation.

At Reassign we believe that the Sell Side has an entitlement to present its best to the Buy Side. Within the context of communicating a product and service expected to be relevant to the Buy Side, a fair and reasonable hearing should be provided, thereby allowing the process to deliver a ‘natural’ outcome. The premise here of course is based on ‘relevant’. Irrelevant and immature business discussions are fruitless to both parties and should be avoided. In these circumstances, either party has the opportunity to escalate or conclude the process.

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