Sales Bulletins

Reassign has a lot to say about the role of sales in business and a lot to offer sales organisations serious about rising to the endless challenges that exist in modern commerce. The sales profession interacts well with us because we understand and appreciate the work that goes into the sales effort. We approach every such conversation with the expectation that we will receive new insights and perspectives and we respond to ideas that will improve the life of our clients.

The reason that Reassign’s people from our Principals to most of our back-office staff, are salespeople is that they are able to freely collaborate between the buy and sell sides of business. This opens up the interesting concept of the duality of ‘sides’ in buying and selling.

Whether they know it or not, the best procurement minds are sales minds. People involved in sourcing at any level are involved in sales. You could say (like the quote on the left) that everyone in business is in sales. Procurement folk may not fit the salesperson model, they may not look or speak like a salesperson, they may not be part of any sales team or have received sales training, they may not even entertain the proposition that they are salespeople but, if they make their living around the supply and/or acquisition of commercial goods and services – they are salespeople.

Are Your People Capable of Articulating Your True Value?
Imagine if every prospect on your sales radar fully appreciated the commercial implications of choosing your company as a supply partner. Imagine if all the knowledge embodied in your Senior Leadership Team and all that natural talent emanating from your Sales Director were able to be bottled-fed to your clients. Things would be better, right? more
Stifling the ability to attract strong talent into a career in sales is the fault of sales itself. The absence of cross-industry knowledge sharing, training and accreditation is causing atrophy in the profession and depriving commerce of the kind of quality outcomes it deserves. more
The Great Procurement Imbalance
Spending corporate dollars is a walk in the park compared to earning them through creative selling. It takes far greater inter-personal skills, business acumen and resilience to be a top class salesperson than to be a buyer, yet the sell side is manifestly under-represented in respect of professional advocacy. Even the most sophisticated sales minds get nowhere near their entitlement when faced with the formidable voice of corporate buying institutions. more

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