If you’re like us you’ve probably worn out your delete button turfing all the ‘news’ that comes your way because it’s trying to sell (or tell) you something you probably aren’t interested in.

Our News offers evidence-based opinions of trends and events from a uniquely independent standpoint. It gives examples of how we have effected change and improved people and processes. We believe it informs and broadens the choices available to organisations involved in the acquisition and supply of commercial goods and services.

Some of the examples below might pique your interest;

June/July 2013 PDF

  • Declining Volume = New Opportunity
  • Buy/Sell Maturity-Where do you Fit?
  • Average Post Review Savings
  • Business-wide Transformation
  • Have You Heard?
  • Business Wisdom

March/April 2012 PDF

  • Who Controls Your Supply Agreements?
  • Average Post Review Savings
  • Buying Pulse Remains Normal
  • MFD Refresh Saves Money
  • Your Business Wisdom
  • Have You Heard?

Sept/October 2011 PDF

  • Exposing Profit Killers (staying in control)
  • Average Post Review Savings
  • Pleasing, Consistent Results
  • The Uncertainty Principle
  • Who Said What?
  • Client E-book

May/June 2011 PDF

  • Procurement Elite Misses the Point
  • Average Post Review Savings
  • Savings and More Control
  • Who Said What?
  • Market Watch
  • New e-book

March/April 2010 PDF

  • 3 “Must Know” Cost Reduction Tips
  • Welcome Boost for Non-Profits
  • Where Are The Savings?
  • Reassign’s New E-book
  • Who’s Saying What?
  • Market Watch

July/August 2009 PDF

  • Enhance Your Bottom Line at No Risk
  • Big Savings for Govt. Department
  • Where Are The Savings?
  • The Time is Right Now!
  • Who’s saying what?
  • Market Watch

October/November 2008 PDF

  • Easing the Impact of the Financial Crisis
  • Cut Indirect Costs or Cut Employees
  • Investment Firm Saves Big
  • Who’s saying what?
  • What Price Green?
  • Market Watch

June/July 2008 PDF

  • Indices of a good supply relationship
  • Law firm saves a bundle
  • Reassign & Telecoms
  • Who’s saying what?
  • Business Breakfast
  • Market Watch

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