InsightsThe idea that modern business needs solutions is old hat. People can get solutions to just about any problem just by looking around, yet suppliers persist in presenting solutions that seem to them like differentiators, when in fact they are only versions of some other solution.

Understanding what it is that gets attention in today’s sophisticated commercial world is the key to progress. What is it that motivates a buyer to speak to a seller? What inspires people toward doing business – repeatable, worthwhile business? What establishes the basis for long term relationships?

Buy side executives are not interested in seeing suppliers unless they have something worthwhile to offer. Given that every supplier has something very worthwhile (just ask them), they do indeed meet but inevitably disappoint.  The reason?

… the very same reason that top-tier supply organisations have to wait their turn to engage a prospect; too many answers, not enough insight.

Forgive the English lesson…

noun: insight – the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something

The cadre of business minds that is Reassign has been around a long time. We have done, said, seen and heard an awful lot. We talk about this subject all the time and it is our settled opinion that insights are the only real differentiators in business today.

Insights aren’t secrets, nor are they pieces of information stamped ‘Commercial in Confidence’. They’re not even intellectual property. They are valuable exchanges, shared understandings based on shrewd perception and far-sightedness, imagination and judgement. They are visionary ideas delivered with intelligence – and they invite an intelligent response.

Corporate Buying and Selling, i.e. the exchange of commercial assets, is a serious business requiring a constant stream of insights in order to develop and progress. We are involved in that conversation so we’ve tried to be insightful in these pages. We hope you find a pearl or two, especially here – In Our Settled Opinion