FAQWho runs Reassign?
Reassign is a firm of individuals who have either owned companies or held senior roles in various business sectors. We draw our experience from diverse backgrounds in manufacturing, sales, distribution and cost analysis. Our wide industry knowledge and market connections allow us to offer a very valuable range of services to the business community.

What’s Reassign’s experience?
Our experience is extensive and very relevant to what we do. We have owned and operated successful businesses and sold goods, systems and services across the entire range of supply. We have also, for example, analysed core and non-core costs for hundreds of organisations, then recommended and implemented sustainable savings solutions and many other process improvements in the procurement space.

What kind of work does Reassign do?
For buyers we examine any core or non-core cost on an individual project or enterprise-wide basis focusing either on a particular area (supply category) or systematically testing all expenditures. We also enhance the procurement effort with specific emphasis on People, Policy and Procedures. For sellers, we optimise the entire sales effort from concept-to-execution including training, mentoring, planning and documentation.

How can Reassign work with Buyers and Suppliers and remain impartial?
All organisations buy and sell goods and/or services. Reassign works from a neutral perspective to enhance efforts on both sides for the betterment of commerce. If a conflict arises i.e. if we are engaged by two organisations simultaneously who are potentially involved in say, a market Tender, we declare our position up-front and do not act for both. It’s important to note that Reassign neither seeks nor receives payments or commissions from any party other than the client we are engaged with.

What does engaging Reassign look like?
Firstly we meet to understand your needs. This will be a series of discovery meetings at which we ask some questions to establish the current state as you see it. We then discuss which course of action will suit in terms of fiscal targets and any other outcomes being looked for. Typically we would then begin the process of Scoping, Market Engagement and Analysis allowing us to present evidence-based recommendations to realise financial benefits and operationalise improvements.

How long does an engagement take?
This depends on the scope of the work. A timeframe for implementation is submitted with our proposals.

Are our detailed service requirements taken into consideration?
Before any engagement, we discuss a number of things including service delivery expectations with key stakeholders in your organisation. It is imperative that we understand business and individual requirements prior to framing our review and subsequent proposal.

How does Reassign charge for its services?
Ostensibly on results. Our actual fee structure is a confidential matter between Reassign and its customers.

Is Reassign only interested in working with large organisations?
We will work with any size or shape organisation where our services can bring worthwhile results.

What does a Reassign analysis and recommendation look like?
Like any of our documents it is simple and easily digested. We don’t confuse with reams of detailed documentation, we simply present an independent, evidence-based finding and help you to decide the best outcome.

I’m a buyer. Can the Buy Side service be limited to commodity items?
The opportunity to improve typically begins with a focus on savings in lower risk expenditures, it’s here you will see quick results. Some organisations feel more comfortable when verifiable savings have been achieved, then when the concept and process behind these initial improvements has been proven, they then start to look deeper into other expenditures and improvement opportunities.

Am I under any obligation to accept Reassign’s findings?
We present findings at no obligation but with the firm expectation that they will be accepted. Our work represents a low obligation opportunity to affect immediate and measurable commercial improvement.

Am I compelled to change suppliers as a result of Reassign’s findings?
No, in fact our efforts enhance the service provided by incumbent suppliers and optimise the benefits you receive from them. If our analysis points to a change of suppliers you will be provided with corresponding evidence.

If a supplier transition is required, does Reassign manage it?
We monitor the changeover and implementation process with you to make sure that your full entitlement is delivered.

How will I know what is the best supply option for my organisation?
Our findings include the best options for moving forward, but ultimately the choice of suppliers is yours. The lowest price offer will be presented to you when we have completed our analysis together with a subjective assessment of suppliers based on service levels and their ability to offer continuous improvements during the term of their agreement with you.

What if I can get a better deal myself?
Then we’d say congratulations! If you have the resources, skills and knowledge to stay ahead of all the dynamics and cost variables in the entire supply chain and you don’t see the value of engaging Reassign, that’s cool, we probably have nothing to offer you.

What if Reassign does not find savings or service improvements?
If that happens, we will still provide you with a short report which will give you the benefit of knowing that your present supply arrangements are as good as they can be.

How does Reassign mitigate against the risk of doing a costly market analysis?
We don’t. We are confident of finding savings, but if we don’t find any, we don’t charge, it’s that simple.

Are there any unexplained fees or extra charges?

Contact us  if you have a specific question of your own.