Embedded Procurement

As a pillar of modern business, organised procurement is a natural focal point for driving down cost. Executives however, are turning towards business process outsourcing (BPO) because the internal knowledge and skill-sets needed to leverage enterprise-wide procurement assets on a large scale rarely exists.

Reassign elevates client relationships by embedding its sourcing expertise within a client’s operational framework. This allows slicker leveraging of support processes, faster access to internal intelligence, and doorstep availability of the supply chain.

Advantages of Embedding;

  • Contact with a single entity
  • Freeing up of operational resources
  • Straight line ROI
  • Double-digit entry level savings – minimum
  • Flexible, modular approach to category management
  • Verifiable reduction in the cost of all contestable assets
  • Reduction in supplier numbers and AP burden

Reassign brings a rare blend of market knowledge, strategic thinking and a hands-on work ethic to the table. First and foremost we enhance the intrinsic value in all contestable assets. We rigorously test the price, service and quality of goods and services against the wider supply chain on a highly visible project basis.

Project Management – We gain optimal value for money and greater efficiency in all procurement decisions. A Reassign engagement achieves more than savings, it sets the guidelines and expectations for staff members when performing procurement related duties and establishes a long term framework for dealings with contractors and service providers right across the supply spectrum.

Current State Assessment – In the discovery phase we assess and analyse meta data and prioritise any relevant issues in the pursuit of savings and process efficiencies in the organisation. Our objective as we review the ‘current state’ is to ease the burden of ownership and assist the organisation to begin the transformation from transactional to strategic Procurement.

Category Approach – We work through each sourcing category by leveraging our discovery findings and engaging all internal and external stakeholders. Our go-to-market strategy for each event ensures that probity is upheld and that submissions from prospective suppliers are evaluated on merit. We also undertake category management planning and contract implementation as we return things back to business-as-usual.

Adherence to Methodology – Our approach has been refined over time and is adapted to achieve our client’s objectives and desired outcomes. We execute our work with absolute attention to detail. Our clients will attest to the fact that our procedures are demonstrably thorough and objective and that our activities are always relevant to purpose, i.e. they meet operational and financial imperatives.

Communications & Reporting – Reassign’s on and offsite staff constantly communicate with each and our client nominees. In embedded assignments we expect to work in close consultation, not only with our executive sponsors but with numerous internal and external stakeholders. Clear, meaningful communications are a feature of our business.

Our knowledge at work – Commercial relationships are built on the trust that comes with knowledge and experience. Reassign will quickly tell you if your supply arrangements are delivering optimal value to your business. We manage the process of going to market for you. Suppliers know exactly where they stand with us, we control everything that happens and we have the utmost confidence in our ability.

We understand the supply market because we ourselves have been buyers and sellers, we have analysed and project managed many assignments of our own and now we do it for our clients. If you chose to do business with Reassign, we will see that your expectations are met. That way, your costs will reduce, your profits will increase and our reputation will grow.

Centre of Excellence – Whilst the pursuit of sustainable improvement is central to any assignment, our clients receive something far more valuable as a result of our work. We leave a legacy of increased procurement maturity by assisting organisations to establish a centre of sourcing excellence that is in full control of organisational expenditures. This is characterised by the ability to;

  • Take a whole-of-life value for money approach to procurement
  • Utilise resources efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the relative risks and benefits of future procurement initiatives
  • Assume a consolidation mindset
  • Consider expenditures as assets to be leveraged for financial and operational benefit
  • Make knowledge based evaluations of all proposals
  • Elicit optimal outcomes from each supply relationship and the supply chain at large

Embedded Procurement is the choice of a diverse range of Reassign clients across many sectors from Education to Government, NGO to Commercial, Private to Public. Common to all of them is the settled desire to move towards a future state where Procurement is a pillar of their business, one which is in complete control of its addressable assets and one that the rest of the organisation actively defers to.

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