Enterprise Solutions

SolutionThe cornerstone of any procurement strategy must be the potential to contribute to overall profit.

Today’s best business minds are realising that core and non-core expenditures are assets with intrinsic value which can be leveraged for the benefit of the whole organisation.

The larger the asset, the larger the benefit.


  • the value to suppliers of an holistic addressable spend compared to dozens of isolated categories
  • the effect on your business of a disciplined, centralised approach to your procurement
  • the time that would be saved by addressing expenditures in one major cycle
  • the surety of engaging a well-tested, agnostic and outcome-driven methodology
  • having complete fiscal control of the purchasing of all goods and services – “no PO no Pay”
  • being able to influence demand and budgeted spend across your business

Our experience is that investing seriously in procurement is considered discretionary – almost a luxury – by the business majority. Reassign provides a number of specialist professional services dedicated to increasing profits by eliminating non-essential costs associated with the acquisition of all goods and services. Our work is fully in tune with the evolving world of strategic procurement, but it does more, it delves deeper into our client’s business and the supply chain to affect sustainable benefits for everyone.

Reassign’s enterprise services fall under the headings Managed Services and Embedded Procurement. Both involve an initial investment of time and thought to eke out exactly what needs to be achieved. When the ground rules are laid, we get to work delivering targeted, measurable results.

One of our clients has a mantra ‘Reduce, Rationalise, Simplify’.  This isn’t an idealistic corporate catch cry, it’s a working philosophy embodied in a person whose role as Head of Business Transformation is to lead this thinking right across a national organisation. One of the reasons it works is because an enterprise-wide view of procurement has been taken.

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