EducationYou will read elsewhere on this site that Reassign’s experience on the buy and sell sides of commerce points to the fact that  a lower than acceptable level of business savvy and commercial intelligence is hampering buyers and sellers from doing better than they are. Central to this, we think, is a lack of education.

Educating business people, for the most part, seems to be an interventionist proposition based loosely on events, and expert assistance from without.

When you consider that a career (in any sector) could be an education in itself, we believe that there is a collective responsibility for business to not only strive for profit by any description, but to focus more on integrated, experience-based education and the personal development of its people.

How can we expect real progress and sustainable success unless training, guidance and mentorship all become components of the business DNA ?  The explosion of service-based sectors presents a real opportunity for Australia to take a decisive lead in post-school,  career-integrated Education.

The available range of options in terms of Procurement and Sales Education is, it would seem, in a mature state.  You don’t have to look far to pick up a ‘complete training package’ or hear a convincing point of view from tier-one training corporations, peddlers of online programs or hired guns with a colourful bag of surprises. 

The subject of business education can be approached from any direction.  Relevant, high-value education however,  can only come from the perspective of intimate experience in the field.  Here are the things Reassign brings to the education conversation;

  • Hiring:  Getting the right people to start with.
  • Sales 101:  Communicating, articulating, opening, progressing, closing – boy do people need these !
  • Procurement 101:  What gets done, why it gets done, how it gets done and who it gets done with.
  • Profile-based training:  Aligning the individual, the style, the audience and the outcome.
  • Attribute development:  Making good people great via one-on-one mentoring, group workshops.
  • Buy/Sell Maturity:  A core success indicator applicable across the whole of commerce – no exceptions.

Let us give you our considered view on how properly educated i.e. knowledgeable, skilled, articulate and motivated people are vital to taking your business forward.

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