Contract Recovery Auditing

Reassign AnalyticsRecovery Auditing is a forensic financial method for identifying and reducing erroneous payments, improving processes and enhancing profit performance through transactional analysis. In terms of supply contracts, even if a high percentage of transactions and payments are processed correctly, small errors quickly add up to a large amount of money.

In our experience, these losses exist in every organisation. The two main areas for concern are supplier over-payments and unrealised fiscal incentives i.e. rebates & allowances.

Contributing Loss Factors:

  • High Numbers of Transactions
  • Disparate Approval Processes
  • Complex Pricing Structures
  • Systems Growth or Incompatibility
  • Company Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Process Inefficiencies
  • Staff Movement
  • Poor Contract Management

Any or all of these in combination reflect under performance and demand intervention.

With a full scope analysis a recovery rate of at least between .1% & .2% of turnover would be expected, allowing your business to increase earnings and shareholder value at the same time. This means that for every $1,000 in sales that you generate, we would expect to recover between $1 and $2 in lost profit.

Reassign takes a single-minded approach to recovering the most money possible while balancing important provider relationships and minimising staff/supplier interruption. We obtain validation of all charge backs before presenting evidence to you and your supplier and overseeing actual recoveries.

As professional integrity demands, all activities are performed with the strictest confidentiality and our fees are never linked to any future cost savings or quantum benefits arising from our findings.

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