Buy Side

Buy SideSome businesses are experts in the field of procurement – most aren’t.

Most organisations whether they be public, private, government or NGO, don’t have the time, knowledge or internal resources to adequately address the complicated spectrum of issues and challenges associated with the evolving world of strategic procurement. Our experience is that investing seriously in procurement is considered discretionary, almost a luxury by the business majority.

Reassign provides a suite of specialist professional services dedicated to increasing profits by eliminating the unnecessary costs and processes associated with Procurement. We are a firm of independent client advocates enhancing the value our customers receive from the acquisition of commercial goods and services.

We optimise ROI in each and every element of the procurement space;

  • Enterprise Wide Procurement Expenditures
  • People, Resourcing & Support Costs
  • Direct (core) Supply Categories
  • Indirect (non-core) Supply Categories
  • Individual Projects;
    • Scoping
    • Discovery
    • Analytics
    • Market Evaluations
    • Tendering
    • Response Evaluations
    • Implementations
    • Contract Reviews
  • Compliance; Contract Auditing (recovery auditing)
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Hiring & Resourcing

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